*Concept art for a District 9 Sequel

Christopher Johnson returns!
...Because I've been really wanting Neill Blomkamp to tackle this awesome IP again, I decided to take maters into my own hands.  Hope you like!
Practicing more film style concepts.  This one was way outside my wheelhouse. :D
*I wish!!!


mikeburns@mikeburnsart.com said...

I got so excited when I read this title! I really hope it does happen, one of my favorite movies. Gorgeous concept piece, they should really hire you :)

Wally Howe said...

I’ve been waiting for news regarding the sequel for District 9. I was very excited to hear about Elysium, and thought that was it considering how Sharlto Copley was again part of the cast, only to be disappointed that it’s not the movie I was looking forward to. However, I think it’s still something to watch, as it seems Blompkamp is once again tying issues of segregation and oppression in the upcoming film. That being said, great work on the concept art. Thanks for sharing, Izzy!