Chloe Moretz as YT :Snow Crash Movie

Another attempt at film style concept art.  This time I used an existing actress to add some more reality to the idea.  I think she'd be a stellar YT.  After seeing her smarm right along with Jack Dohnagee from 30 Rock, I knew she had the spunk for this role!
 Anyway, in the concept she's seen delivering a package.  I decided to separate the magna-poon into a sort of magnetic bola, that way more contact points equals better stick!
Check out here board!  That was a BITCH to design in perspective. LOL

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Anonymous said...

I like this artwork. Before reading the comment about your design choice on the MagnaPoon I was thinking that's not how it was described, but I like your idea for more contact surface area. In the end I think your idea probably is more sound. It does seem like the poon in the book would require more energy to stick. I also like what you did with the Smart Wheels too. Those were fun to imagine when reading the book.