Godzilla 2014 Concept Art

It...  approaches.

On the horizon, you would see the storm front.  Gigantic flickering black clouds.  They would billow massively, forks of lightning would tear through the ominous shapes squatting on the horizon.

The storm would grow larger, and larger.  A wall of atmosphere, like a sandstorm, would overtake your city  

The ground would shake with the monstrous tremors of its foot falls.

The steam and the crackling ozone would envelope you, it would become difficult to breath.  All around you the squeal of car alarms merge into a panicked warble, like the cries of dying deer.  

Out of the thick atmosphere, the silhouette of the pained vengeance of the very EARTH would loom overhead.

It would loose a screaming roar from high above you.  

A deafening shriek that shatters all the windows in the sky scrapers around you.  Glass would rain down and tinkle on the tarmac.  You won't pay it any mind.

You would not feel shame when you emptied your bowels.  

Death has come for you.  

Your tears are lost in the sudden showers brought by it's own weather system.

This force of nature has arrived.  This world ender is...


Here's a Godzilla concept in the film style.  Inspired by my friend's vision.  
The lightning coming off of his back is the nuclear energy constantly venting from his massive spines.  This creates a perpetual ion storm that follows him wherever he goes.

The idea is that whatever it is that has awakened Godzilla causes him incredible amounts of pain.  He's like Grendel, except he has a radiation blast breath weapon.


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