Hiro Protagonist: SnowCrash Movie

I tackled the Snow Crash universe many moons ago in college.  The visuals have never left me, but my aptitude in painting has improved, so I figured I'd give them another go.  Here is Hiro doing his strut.  I wanted to simultaneously capture his outfit and his attitude.  

I'm trying really hard to put together some work that would get attention in the film fields, so any critiques, anyone can offer that might guide my work in that direction would be endlessly valuable!
Thanks for watchin!


Alice G said...

very nice! I thought it was a photograph first

Lee Pfenninger said...

That's awesome! I love that character. Looks like film work to me.

Aerozopher said...

Cool to see a good quality work of Hiro haha.. I thought of painting him too already, but I think my skill is not yet there.

I imagined him darker and with more asian eyes, still cool.

Unfortunately the description of him is pretty vague in the book, so that's a good try.