Tasty New Arts for You!

God of War III art is now live on my website!  Please take a look and enjoy!

Also Gnomon Gallery is having a big gallery show for the GOW art team on the 29th.  Come on down and have some drinks and see this work up close 'n personal.

See you guys there!


Ryan said...

This really is tasty, and by the looks of it low fat (in a good way)

Devon Whitehead said...


Matthew Lewis said...


As always, great color palettes, textures and silhouettes!

I especially love the "harpy heads" sheet.


Monica Grue said...

Nice to see everything up!! Looks great :)

Izzy Medrano said...

Thanks guys! I'm glad you dig it!

Exorcist said...

It's pity that not all of these drawnings included in the artbook,
and it's too bad that I live in Ukraine, coz I really want to be on that gallery show

Kekai said...

Awesome work man!

kailryu said...

Aww! What happened to cannibalcandy.com, the link says the site is down but how long has that been the case - is it likely to be back up soon??

Unknown said...

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