Yo peoples. I just put a chunky upload on my website.


Check it out, it's largely Wizards of the Coast Magic art, but there's some new stuff from a class I'm taking with Carlo Arellano this summer.



robin_chyo said...

Wow. Those some really impressive WoTC paintings you've got there! Love your colors and the depth you put into your work! :]

Andrew Kim said...

Yo Izzy!
Man, some nice new stuff you got here! Looks great!!!

Eytan Zana said...

Awesome! Loving the new updates. The bounty Hunter and his ship are especially tasty

Cliff Childs said...

G'damn Izzy you never cease to amaze!

Craig Brasco said...

Hey man,

I just went through all the new work and was laid out.

Overwhelmingly inspiring!