Mr. Freeze

I saw Heart of Ice when I was a kid. One of the finest episodes of Batman the Animated Series ever. I fell in love with Mr. Freeze from that point on. I've seen him universally portrayed as a tall super thin guy, but I figured, someone who's body has basically taken on characteristics of ice would have an insanely slow metabolism. So I figure he maybe feeds once every month, but maintains a chunky shape, to some degree. I rarely ever draw or paint fan art, but I think I'll definitely consider this of the same ilk.

Here he is with his iron lung like suit, that sustains his unbelievably cold standard body temperature. He'd sweat to death as if in a desert even in the frozen north of the Arctic. His two bears are named Frigidaire, and Icetrey.

Lots of raw internet photos were used to expedite the process. So it is essentially a paint-over of a collage.


Jonathan Hawkins said...


abeoh! said...

awesome dude. don't let him near chicken soup tho.

Richard G. said...

I like the crisp specular on the glass!

Jimmy C said...

Why, hello, Doctor!