How to mod your DS!

I had a hard time finding out how to and what to get to set up my NDSlite for homebrew. Here are all the pieces you need, and links to get them, and you too can mess about with Colors, the most brilliant sketch program ever! (I'm posting this because so many people actively tried to keep me from getting the info when I asked like a raving fanboy)

There are a couple of cards available, but this one worked perfectly well for me; the R4 Revolution:


Right now the four gig HC micro SD card is NOT SUPPORTED. I bought it, and tried it, and couldn't return it. It may seem logical to get the largest possible card, but it will end up being a waste of cash. I hear they are working on updating the software, but I've also heard that it's categorically impossible to use the HC in the Revolution. That said... this two gig version will work PERFECTLY, and hold quite easily almost every game you could want to play, as well as precious Colors:


Finally following the directions that came with your R4, drag and drop the downloadable app with the extension .nds into a "ROMS" folder on your card... and blammo! Sketch to your hearts content, my little piglets!



Unknown said...

Hey Iz,
It took me a couple of failed attempts to get the card. But now I have it, and colors (as well as many emulated games) instaled. ROCKIN! I even found that I can do some of my icon assignments for work on colors while I am on the road. Whoohoo gotta love technology.

Keep rockin.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for that link. I've been hearing about ds colors for a while now and modding. I'd like to try it out.

Brandon O'Keefe said...

Izzy! thanks for letting us play with the DS in class..I just bought the R4 and memory card, im going to toysRus today to get the DSlite.. they have it for 129$

If I get confused setting it up maybe you could help me on thursday in class?

Anonymous said...
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