An introduction:

Izzy. Cannibalcandy. Ariokh.

All online psuedonyms I've used in a variety of galleries. All of which I am hoping will coalesce here! The quick to update, and fun to follow professional portfolio of yours truly.


kitty b. said...

Now you've shot your wad on this first post, I wish you well keeping up with yourself! I was once like you!!! Now I pace myself.

yer stuf is good.

Mr.Magoo said...

Brilliant work!!

Rodney Fuentebella said...

love all these! but the business suit guy is the ass kicker-a-plenty!

Diantres said...

is good to see more works of you Mr.Cannibalcandy! they kick ass!

Added to my blog list.



Gohs said...

Ok Man. Now I can die in peace. You are the top pro alive.